Google Apps for Small Businesses

Posted on Sep 14, 2009 by Administrator

A short while ago I started using Google Apps for this site and a couple of others that I work with. Google Apps has been around since 2006, but has only lately started to become popular with small and medium business. There are a few obvious advantages of migrating to Google Apps, these include:
  • Use of Gmail while still retaining your own email address
  • The ability to easily add and manage new email addresses
  • The ability to share your Google Calendar
There are fairly frequent additions to Google Apps, although many of them trail behind some of Google's free offerings... I have found the tasks facility on Google Calendar one of the most useful tools, but Apps users had to wait several months after the feature was originally released to general users of Google Calendar. I'm also using Gmail on my mobile and have found it really works well, has an attractive Gmail type interface and allows me to access a large number of emails without eating up the memory on my phone. On the downside I can't say I have found much use for Google Sites or Google Docs. While Google Docs is good in theory, it is  largely incompatible with Microsoft Word and because nearly everyone  and their mother uses Microsoft Word it isn't really worth the hassle. Setting up Google Apps was easier than I expected despite my phobia of technical jargon. You can also pay an expert a few quid to set up Google Apps for you. If you are setting it up yourself here are a few links I found useful: Comparing editions Activating Gmail Changing MX records Verifying Ownership
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