Google Maps of Dublin Gyms, Swimming Pools and Doctors

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Posted on Nov 2, 2009 by Administrator

We've had the maps section up on Dublinbynumbers for some time now. We use Google Maps to pinpoint a selection of businesses/clubs/services in the Dublin area.  Over the weekend I decided to pop some of our data from Dublinbynumbers up onto Google Maps. This allows people to embed maps of gyms, swimming pools and doctors onto their own pages if they want. I'm planning to add a few more categories but here are three to start with: Dublin Gyms View Dublin Gyms in a larger map . Also...

Google Apps for Small Businesses

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Posted on Sep 14, 2009 by Administrator

A short while ago I started using Google Apps for this site and a couple of others that I work with. Google Apps has been around since 2006, but has only lately started to become popular with small and medium business. There are a few obvious advantages of migrating to Google Apps, these include: Use of Gmail while still retaining your own email address The ability to easily add and manage new email addresses The ability to share your Google Calendar There are...

July 2009 Stats

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Posted on Aug 3, 2009 by Administrator

We have been publishing our statistics on Irelandmetrix for a few months now and thought that there would be no harm in popping some stats up here on the blog. According to Irelandmetrix we had 54,215 page view from 22,796 visitors. Statistics from  Google Analytics were very similar and showed 54,438 page views from 22,305 visitors who made 25,302 visits to the site in July.

Forever Young Chorus sing at the Rose Festival at St Anne's Park in Raheny, Dublin

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Posted on Jul 18, 2009 by Administrator

Forever Young Chorus sang at the Rose Festival at St Anne's Park in Raheny, Dublin. They didn't let the rain dampen their spirits at all. Anyone know the song?

Social Media and the Voluntary Sector

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Posted on Jun 22, 2009 by Administrator

I did some excellent training today with Nathalie from  On Road Media today on social media and the voluntary sector.  While many charities and NGOs in Ireland tend to lag behind their counterparts in the UK when it comes to embracing Web 2.0,  there are signs that some of them are beginning to take social media more seriously. Irish charities working overseas have been leading users of social media . Trocaire has effectively used Youtube and blogged about it's Grow Climate Justice...
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